Monday, September 13, 2010

Nokia's enemies

Harder and harder task for 5800

Over the past year, set off by the iPhone's touch-screen boom was removed for cell phone manufacturers and no security. Research NPD has released the latest data show that, iPhone is the U.S. market from June to August this year, the smart phone sales champion, the market share of 24%.

As the pioneers popular, then he would become a de facto standard, regardless of what other people had had the perfect plan. Nokia is now is the way to the smart phone market, hit the boom blocking the iPhone, and iPhone have come up with the same touch-screen phone.

Canadian smartphone maker RIM recently announced that it will touch the end of this year against BlackBerry BlackBerry Storm - though not to touch consumers more ways to manipulate the screen (no one can do this because Apple applied for a patent). Prior to Nokia mobile phone firm to touch out of their own outside of the mainstream product line, but on October 2 had to release the code for the 5800 touch-screen phone, the world's suggested retail price of 279 euros, is expected in the fourth quarter introduced.

As a first S60 fifth edition of the new system using touch-phone, the Nokia 5800 will be main audio and video entertainment market, in addition to support Xpress Music, but also built-in Nokia's "Comes with music" function, users can download free music.

5800 was not based on Symbian Foundation platform, and the iPhone and the G1 compared to the services provided are clearly inferior, but Nokia is still of great significance. This product can be at least in appearance and performance match with the iPhone and G1, to some extent stop the rookie who openly eroded the traditional market smart phones. Furthermore, Nokia is responsible for equipment operations, executive vice president 鍑ゥ浼婃柉濉?Mok pointed out, the application of the Nokia S60 platform will be fully compatible with the Symbian Foundation platform. In other words, 5800 will SPhone with smooth transition.

濂ヤ紛鏂鑾?said: "The application developers can now start developing applications for the Symbian platform. From a developer's point of view, everything had been ready."

Spend 410 million U.S. dollars launched an open platform, Nokia certainly hope that after two years of the Symbian mobile phone can also have the ability to compete with the iPhone and G1 cool feature, but programmers do not have embarked on this work.

Most open platform for Nokia's Symbian-see approach. First of all, is for programmers, there are no market; Some advocate the spirit of the hacker development of Symbian applications programmers are not interested, "so many years, who read the applications run on the Nokia?"

Android applications are developing a national programmer said, compared with the Android and iPhone, Symbian's software development platform this old will be even more troublesome, but it is, therefore, has been able to get satisfactory S60 programmer salary. As he and the general programmer on Symbian system is very strange, "Apple is using the C language, Android is JAVA, we can adapt to a change in the past two months, as Symbian, I do not know what development tools."

Nokia is behind the times?

"Connection" magazine recently listed the 3G version of iPhone used to complete the eight interesting, one of which is the mini-blog, built-in GPS functionality with a map tool. Have an emergency button, just one click you can send your current location to Tweet on. This feature is particularly useful in certain circumstances, for example, you run into Traffic Accident or abducted by the international terrorist organizations.

Very ridiculous but also very interesting, right? Look at this: your phone's built-in software can be combined with GPS technology, crime statistics by querying the online database, when you enter areas with a high crime rate, the software will be safety tips from the green red, and pop up an icon, want users to buy life insurance online.

A bit naive. However, considering that this is the design 12 years ago, not so funny. This is a Nokia 1996, called "dangerometer" software.

In addition to great success on mobile phone manufacturing, nearly 10 years, the Nokia wireless applications push the trend forward is the development of the most solid business strength. Is a basic condition and does not allow sales of Nokia mobile phones in the world, to develop this new market. One of the most critical investment course platform. The three shots in Symbian, Nokia is a full show foresight company.

In 1998, Microsoft spent five years developing launched mobile phone version of Windows, Windows Mobile, Microsoft's ambitions with the Windows operating system monopoly to establish its position in the mobile phone operating system. To counter Microsoft's mobile phone attempts, in June 1998 to Nokia at the core of the anti-Microsoft camp, Symbian was established. Since then Samsung has become a big worry for Nokia, Samsung mobile phone operating system in order to avoid leading the field, holding the Nokia 2004 Symbian.

On June 24 this year, in occasion of the 10th anniversary of Symbian, in order to fight against Google and its Android platform, Nokia acquired Symbian platform, a wholly-owned, and at the press conference to show some of the latest developments including digital maps, interior search, accessibility communications, wireless Internet-based services.

5800 also with Apple and Google against other things, such as the provision of music services ComesWithMusic compared favorably with iTunes, or even superior. Apple's iTunes software now legitimate online music dominated, 80% of the music from the Internet to buy genuine software users have to use iTunes. Perhaps ComesWithMusic will terminate the footsteps of iTunes. Promise a discount if Asia through music from record labels to obtain the copyright, who can purchase log record company's website to download songs. Soon the United Kingdom 5800 users can enjoy this service. For those who want to have portable music service, music can be downloaded permanently to retain their mobile phone or computer, as long as you have enough hard disk space.

This business is also greatly welcome the record companies. Warner, Universal Music and Sony BMG Music has signed with Nokia, respectively, to join ComesWithMusic plan. Some analysts estimate that companies can record 5,800 per month from each mobile phone to get 拢 4 fee, per 100 million Nokia phones can be brought to its nearly 50 million pounds of annual income.

Nokia and its partners did not disclose the price of the service, but they think that this business has great room for development. Nokia's Global Head of 鍒╁吂鏂芥灏?said: "We believe that this will largely enhance Nokia's long-term revenue."

For Apple, Nokia is clearly in the eye for an eye person in his body's way of war.


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